As things around here at EZ Piecing ramp up, it's getting kind of overwhelming.

There's another web page we have, of finished art products.

In addition to creating EZ Piecing to make traditional quilting a lot easier for people, I embraced my artistic background to start making art quilts.

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Lompoc Mission, 34" x 44", Framed

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This example of the Lompoc Quilt, kind of exemplifies the work I've done on these. This isn't like EZ Piecing, which is extremely affordable leave-in foundations to help anyone perfectly piece even the most complex traditional quilts; these are intricate and laborious quilts that took months to complete.

In addition to the Instagram account linked above, there's also a new Facebook page featuring posts like this:

Smoke Takes Indy, SIGNED, (RAFFLED) This quilt was raffled for charity to benefit the American Legion Post 500 |...

Posted by Debi's Designs on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I bought this quilt, Smoke Takes Indy, from the winner a few years after it was raffled. Of the 24 pieces I've finished and photographed, thirteen pieces are for sale now.

The key tie-in with EZ Piecing is that my quilts that I piece together at quilt shows, trunk shows, or workshops eventually just fill my house floor to ceiling with quilts. I won't sell any that are available as a fabric kits until the fabric is no longer available, but any of the unique pieces I've made, such as where I've melded together a couple of my own blocks in unique ways, we're going to start making those finished one-of-a-kind quilts available for sale on Debi's Designs.

Right now, that part of the site is empty because we haven't figured out what's for sale yet, but if you see any of the art quilts that don't say SOLD on it and are interested in them as artwork for your home or office, either contact me on that website, email me at or, or if you're reading this in your email, just hit reply.