Here we are at the start (sort of - I can't believe the month is half over already) of 2021!  I hope we do better this year than last.  We returned from our 26 day holiday vacation and are now self-quarantining for at least two weeks to make sure we didn't pick anything up because we sure as heck don't want to give anyone Covid.  We took so many precautions on this trip and so many of those are really things that we should always do.  It was interesting to see how different states are handling the situation.  It was a very relaxing trip and getting to spend time with my grandsons was amazing.

Vacations are always fun but I find that after a week, I am really missing work.  My work isn't really work – its my passion.  When I am asked if I am ever going to retire, I always answer, "What would I do if I retired?  The exact same thing I am doing now!"  So, after being gone for nearly four weeks, I couldn't wait to get back to the office and studio to get going again.  Vacations are the best way to rejuvenate and get the excitement flowing again.

Half Square Triangle Table Runner

I am going to be presenting a short demo on Wednesday on Rusty Barn's "Wild Wednesday" show on Facebook (QuiltCraftSew).  I will be doing a demo on making Half Square Triangle Blocks and HourGlass Blocks using our leave-in foundations. This table runner was made using some charm pack squares.  I am making another table runner using one charm pack and matching yardage.  That will then become a pattern and should be available next week.  I will post a picture of the new runner to let you know that it is available.  I hope you can watch our live demo – Wednesday at 2:00 pm PST.  

We also started the year with a "Banner of the Month" pattern.  Each month, we will offer a different design of three different blocks.  You are not limited to only making a banner.  There are six blocks in the pattern (our banner design uses three) so if you don't want to make the banner each month, you can make a four block table topper, a six block table runner or combine the blocks with others to make a throw quilt.  

January Banner of the Month

You don't have to sign up for anything, you can just order them from the website.  The patterns are $10.95 and include complete, detailed photo instructions.  Most of the banners are designed to celebrate the season for the next month.  January's banner is Hearts for February's Valentine's Day.

February's Banner of the Month

And, as you can see, February's banner is to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in March.  These are quick and easy to make – I hang the banner between my kitchen and dining room and I make the other three blocks into pot holders.  I hope you will try at least one!

I hope you are all staying safe and staying healthy.  And, I hope you find as much happiness from quilting as I have; its the best therapy.  HAPPY QUILTING!