I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Its the start of a new year, a new decade and a new, updated EZ Piecing.  We want to try to be more interactive with our clients, to know what you would like and to make your experiences with our foundations positive ones.

It's an exciting time at EZ Piecing. We've got a new website up, a new blog, we're starting a monthly newsletter, and we're publishing a whole lot more new videos for how-to's and quick tips.

The Hubby and I have been in Corpus Christi, Texas, visiting our son and his family for the holidays.  We've also been working!  Well, we call it working but when its your passion, it never seems like work.  Donald, our son, is the computer guy.  He has been working in computers since he was 14 (although the last 17+ years have been in Special Forces of the Air Force).  He has completely rebuilt our website and done all the behind the scenes stuff to get this off the ground.  He also does the videos and editing.  Its a real family affair.  Laura (my daughter-in-law) and I have been working on some new quilt designs.  These quilts will make their debut at the quilt show in Phoenix at the end of January.  We've also been binding some quilts that I got quilted the week before we left to come down here.  We are going to try adding something new to our quilt shows – we will have a lot of our quilts for sale.  After they have been shown and fabric kits have all been sold or if we discontinue a pattern, we've decided its time to let go.  Each one means so much to me and its like they are my children.  They have been with me since I first got an idea for it and I've seen it through to completion; then got to hear what others think of them.  But, as Bob says to me so often, "Exactly how many quilts do we need?"  I would keep them all but I only have so much room to store them and it makes me sad to have them packed away and not loved by someone.  Some of our quilts do get donated and many of them get loaned to shops when they first start to carry our patterns.  That way, they have a quilt to show right from the start, while they are making their own sample.

We are heading home on Thursday so I will be back in the shop by Monday morning, getting everything ready for Phoenix and sending out the orders that have come in while we've been gone.  

Our first sale on our all new website will be in honor of St. Valentine's Day.  We are offering five of our heart-themed patterns on sale in our new online store, each with 10% off retail prices.

See below for links to our discounted items!

Crazy Heart pattern

Heart in the Cabin quilt pattern

Heart in the Cabin table topper pattern

Tipsy Valentine table runner pattern

Mini heart quilt pattern