When you first glance at a quilt, what makes the "perfect" quilt stand out from a mediocre or worse one is the quality of the piecing. How well do all the little points and seams come together? It's the "fit and finish." And piecing together a quilt with EZ Piecing leave-in foundations is almost like cheating.

But what makes a quilt truly a quilt is obviously the quilting when you put all the layers together. And it's also where you're left entirely to your own creativity, and why no two EZ Piecing quilts are ever the same. Every quilter gets to make their own pattern atop the pieces, and for me, this log cabin quilt needed something appropriate for a precious newborn little girl.

The little baby feet are especially cute

Because this is a baby quilt, it didn't take nearly as long to quilt together as, say a large bed-sized quilt - which is what my next project is.

Pink thread made for a good accent on most of the quilt, with some popping contrast on the darker grey blocks

The next post will be my last for this log cabin quilt. Now that the quilting is complete, it's time for binding and then delivery. Hopefully we get some great photos in the next blog!