We are busy getting ready to go to Colorado for the Quilt, Craft, Sew Festival in Castle Rock.  I always love this show.  Its a great venue and of course, we love the guys (Chris and Eric) and our customers/friends we have made over the years.  If you are in the area, we hope you can make it to the show.  We haven't done as many shows this year as normal but it has allowed me to have a little extra time to get some of my new projects done, patterns written and fabric kits put together.  I will post more information over the next two weeks as we get closer.


This Crazy Heart is so versatile.  I have made a couple that I then embellished and finished as just a 12" block, quilted and bound it and hang them.  One, I put in a frame and this one fits perfectly in a wire frame table stand.   Then I did another one (all of these were fabrics I pulled from my stash) and made it into a pillow.  

Crazy Heart 14"

I added a little bit of a border to make it fit a 16" pillow form.  I love having a lot of pillows on my couch.  We have one of those big leather couches that wrap around the corner and I am a bit vertically challenged so I need pillows behind me so I can comfortably sit with my feet on the floor.  Hence, we have a lot of pillows on the couch.  When I make these pillows, I always make them so I can take the cover off and toss it in the washer.  Sometimes I will put a zipper in the back or make an envelope.  Either way, they are easy to do and so much fun just to make a little project and get it done.  And remember, these Crazy Heart patterns are on sale until the end of May.   Remember to type in MINICRAZY10 when you check out to get 10% off everything that is featured this month.

The Donald's Star at the top of the page is another one of my Mariner's Compass Blocks that is a part of the Stars of My Family collection.  Donald is my son and probably my biggest supporter.  He has so much patience with me.  He is our computer guy and I have only learned what is absolutely necessary and leave the rest to him.  I can't tell you how many times I have called in a panic because I did something wrong or don't understand or just plain don't remember how to do something on the computer.  He never gets angry; he might laugh but he always gets me through it.  This "star" is not nearly as complicated as it looks.  The foundations are printed with each space labeled for which color is supposed to get sewn there.  Not a beginner project but so much fun to watch it come together.  Its perfect for a single piece of artwork or to make it the center of a medallion quilt.  Or, add a pieced border to make a beautiful table centerpiece.  The block itself finishes at 20" x 20".  Fabric kits will be on the website very soon.

Donald's Star center

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I had a marvelous day.  I worked a bit in the yard and then I drove my little tractor and grader to level out a gravel parking place at the end of our driveway and then for the rest of the afternoon, I went out to the field behind the house and got started making a go-kart track for the boys.  We bought them go-karts a few months ago and the oldest has been here to learn to drive it.  But both boys will be here in June and I know they are going to want to drive them all day every day.  We will have our hands full, but with rules and limits, I think it will be so much fun.  They are two seater karts so an adult will be with each of them to make sure nothing gets out of control.  Dad and Grandpa grew up riding motorcycles and four-wheelers but the grandkids have to have all the safety stuff so roll cages, seat belts and helmets were a must.

Speaking of my garden, we are going to be inundated with ollallieberries this year.  Its a good thing because the year before, I had cut them way back to just barely above the ground so we didn't have much of a crop.  This year looks to be an record-breaker.  I just wish they would be ready to pick when the kids are here.  I would put them to work.

Miniature Pineapple

Remember, the mini patterns are also included in our sale items this month. Perfect for using the smallest of scraps.

Miniature Pineapple

I told you I had stories to tell...Dana Denney is a long-time customer/friend in the Tucson area that challenged herself to make 100 Miniature Pineapple Blocks in 2023.  She said she got it down to about an hour per block.  These are just a few of them that she brought to show us last year in Scottsdale.  By Labor Day weekend, I believe she said she had over 75 of them done.  I absolutely love them.  She has inspired me to challenge myself to make a large quilt using these but its going to have to wait until I retire!

And, don't forget to watch Laura on her live sew-a-long on TikTok.  Join in the conversation, ask questions and do a little sewing along with her.  You never know when she might throw in a special discount or a gift-away.  But, you need to participate to find out.

Meanwhile, HAPPY QUILTING!!!