I had to start off with Dana's sampler quilt.  Dana has made a lot of quilts using our product over the years.  Last year, she challenged herself to make 100 of the Mini Pineapple blocks; and she did it!  This year, she started with the Mini Log Cabin blocks.  I recognize all of the blocks in this sampler and I am amazed.  If you look closely, you can see a lot of minis mixed in with 4" and 8" blocks.  Even some 12" blocks that are made up of nine 4" blocks.  I absolutely love it and can't wait to see the completed quilt.

I am excited about our Year of Scrap Quilts.  I pulled out a lot of quilts that we have made as samples or were demo blocks that finally got put together.

Pineapple Table Runner

I love Black and White.  

Pineapple Table Runner
Hawaiian Pineapple Table Topper
Pineapple Throw Quilt

The top two are the Pineapple Table Runner and a great beginner quilt.  The bottom two quilts are made from the Pineapple Block #2 design.  The way we have set our colors is very deceiving because it makes it look like a Seminole block, when in fact, it is a Pineapple Block.  Its so much fun to play with color placement to make these blocks look so different.

These quilts are going on the sale rack at our next quilt show in Portland.  They have been beautiful samples for several years and the fabrics are no longer available and frankly, I need more space.  We are going through all of these sample quilts, making sure they are perfect and will be adding more as time permits.  I used to keep all the samples for loaning to new shops but over the years, too many quilts have come up missing or slightly soiled so we decided to not loan them out anymore.  Each one is one of my babies but I really only have so much room and why just keep them in a drawer or closet when someone else may be able to display it and use it and love it just as much?

Don't forget, we are running our Scrappy Quilt Special on Pineapple patterns through March 31st.  Remember to use the code PINEAPPLE10 at checkout to get your 10% discount on any pattern that has "Pineapple" in the title. You can also click here to go to the pineapple pattern page with the discount already applied.

Its nice to be home for awhile.  I am hoping to get to work in the garden while we are here. I bought a lot of strawberry plants because I am going to have a couple boys here this summer and I know how much they love strawberries.  The ollallieberry plants are going crazy with all of the rain we have had so I am hoping to get a good crop this year.  

Meanwhile, Happy Quilting!