I am getting anxious to get to work in my garden.  The weather forecast here in Central Coast California is for sunshine on Sunday and Monday and temperatures to be in the high 60's, possibly even to hit the low 70's.  We are planning to get the vegetable garden set up and this year, we are putting a bird netting enclosure over the whole thing.  Last year, we lost almost half of our tomatoes to the birds, even with scarecrows and shiny blowing things all around.  It was disheartening to see my beautiful tomatoes that I had been nurturing along, half eaten by the birds. We are going to win this battle!

Easter Panel Quilt

I finished the binding the night before last on this quilt.  I love the texture and when looking at it up close, there is just so much to see in the picture panels.  I'm so glad I found it and that I actually finished it.

Beginner Sampler Quilt

This was another quilt top that I found hidden in the back of the closet.  As you can see, its on the long arm right now.  Hopefully, another one will be finished in the next day or two.  I designed this sampler quilt years ago to be used for a beginner class.  It could be a beginner sewer or a beginner paper/foundation piecing project.  And the best part, it was designed to be made from scraps in the stash.  So, very friendly for the pocketbook and yet a way to learn various techniques and tricks to make the whole foundation piecing process fun and fast and getting those perfect points and blocks.

Beginner Sampler Quilt #2

I also found this quilt, its the same design as the previous one.  This one is pin-basted together and actually has a little quilting already done on it.  This was done a long time ago so that would mean that I had started quilting it on my domestic Pfaff machine (which has since died).  I am debating about taking the stitching out and putting it on the long arm or waiting until my new machine arrives.  I ordered this mid arm sit down machine but, its been delayed because of the weather situation and I am getting very anxious to receive it.  This quilt measures 52" wide by 72" long so its a nice throw quilt.  I am seriously thinking about making this class an online class and I would like to hear from you to see if there is much interest for that.  

Roman Stripe Blocks

I decided I better get things moving on my youngest grandson's quilt for his third birthday.  Right now, he is obsessed with Paw Patrol so I bought four different Paw Patrol print fabrics and some paw print fabrics and decided to make a pretty simple Roman Stripe block.  This is an eight inch block and half of it is a single piece of fabric so I thought it would show the characters better than cutting them up into anything smaller.  I wanted it to be bright and colorful and I think it will be just that.  This is just the first two rows, I have eight more to go to make it fit a twin bed.  I think the border will be something very simple to kind of calm it down a bit.  These blocks sew up so quickly and I know its a very simple block that could be made just as easily without the foundation but two edges on every block are on the bias so the foundation keeps them from stretching.  And, every strip is the exact same size so if I decided to switch the blocks around, the seam lines would match up perfectly from one block to the other.  And I chain piece these as well so I am making them in batches of ten and they go quickly.

Keep watching for our big sale.  I am still working on getting that all together.  I'm hoping the page will be up early next week but there is a lot to do to gather all of these up and double check inventory numbers.  It will be worth it though.

Hopefully, this weather will start warming up a bit.  Its bad enough having to stay home because of Covid, but then with the weather like its been in so much of the country, its just compounding the frustrations I think we are all feeling.  I know I say this all the time, but thank goodness for my quilting, as both a business but also a passion, to keep me busy.  I hope you have been working on some quilting (or other craft projects) to help cope as well.  In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.  HAPPY QUILTING!