The show in Hampton, Virginia, went outstanding and it was great to make new friends there. We've been fixtures at the sister show in California for many years, but had been trying to get into the Hampton show for a long time. My son was stationed in Hampton when he met Laura, and we'd even do limited production at his house there, but never had a chance to get into the show until now. And we'll definitely be back. It was a great show!

We also had a great class working on Ruby's Star blocks and my students did outstanding. Look at those points!

Ruby's Star 48" x 48"
I was so impressed by the entire class. They did outstanding work.

We're sticking to a theme of scrap-based quilting for the next few months, and the Pineapple discount is still valid the rest of March, 2024. If you need to find your discount code, it's either in your inbox or can be reached here on the blog.

Why scrappy piecing? Scraps become the building blocks of unique and budget-friendly quilts. By repurposing what might otherwise be considered waste, you embark on a thrifty quilting journey that's both environmentally conscious and economically savvy. Embracing the beauty of scraps unleashes your artistic flair but also significantly slashes your quilting costs.

Miniature Pineapple pattern - perfect for scraps, with discounts for blog members!

And making a Pineapple isn't difficult! Just take a look...

From mismatched colors to diverse textures, scrap quilts showcase the charm of imperfection. The cost savings extend beyond fabric purchases, minimizing waste and maximizing the potential for breathtaking, one-of-a-kind creations. So, dive into your scrap stash and watch as frugality meets creativity, weaving a quilt that's not only uniquely beautiful but also kind to your wallet.

As always, Happy Quilting!